Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Design Ideas - Where Do They Come From?

Design ideas, where do ideas come from? Good question. I have been pondering this question, in an attempt to analyze my own creative process. If, I can better understand myself, maybe, I can create a better atmosphere for my creativity. Find a way to channel, and multiply my own creativity. Did that make any sense?

Some ideas come from a need to revise an older design. The design was good, but the process was too expensive. For example, my clear resin bangles, take weeks to make. By the time I factor in my time, with a reasonable hourly wage, the price is too high, for the average consumer to justify. I still make and sell these bangle bracelets, but, only on special order.

Some ideas, just come to life, out of a lump of clay. There you are, kneading the clay, getting it ready to work with, and out pops a design. If you are paying attention, you catch it, before it is lost. For example, my Table Coral Ring Design. It's magical, the way this type of design happens. It's perfect, the first time, and needs no changing or refining.

Some ideas come from a friend's suggestion. Could you make this, but with a few changes? For example, my turquoise cross sculptures. One my gallery owner buddies, saw a small turquoise cross sculpture I was wearing, as a necklace, and asked if I could make the same thing, only larger, wall-sized larger.  These have turned out to be good sellers. I have sold every one I've made, with requests for more.

Most of my jewelry designs come to me early in the morning, before I am even out of bed. Funny, I don't remember dreaming about anything. But, there it is, this design vision, and I haven't even had my first cup of coffee. This is an exciting reason to get out of bed and start the day, and a good reason to keep a notebook handy.

Some ideas just seem to multiply from another design. My current mermaid bracelet design, became a series this way. The first design, leads to multiple variations on the same theme. So far, I have a list of 6 new designs for this current bracelet. The second design of this series, is the one for which, I will demonstrate the sculpting process.

Next - My Favorite Sculpting Media

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sculpting a Mermaid Bracelet Master - The Design

I am currently working on a new mermaid bracelet master. Sculpting a new master is a long and tedious process, but it is my favorite part of jewelry design.

The idea for this new mermaid bracelet design came to me early one morning, before I had even had my first cup of coffee. That's when I grabbed a quick cup of Joe, a pencil and my design notebook. I started sketching, rough and quick, before any distractions could make me loose the vision in my head. Later, that day, after the the morning rush was over, I was able to sit down again and refine the design parameters. The total circumference, minus the cuff opening width, would be the length I would have to fit the whole scene in to. This left me with 7 inches. The height was my only loose variable, but, from experience, I know that 2-1/4 inches, is about the maximum height for comfortable wear. These dimensions allowed me to create a more detailed layout.

I scanned my pencil and paper layout into my computer, for safe keeping, and then printed it out to the exact dimensions. I always sculpt over clear glass, with the layout taped underneath. This keeps me from getting carried away, and within my dimensional boundries. The layout tends to get dirty, from the oils in the sculpting media that I use, and I can print out a clean copy as needed.

Next, I needed to find a clear glass jar with the exact diameter of the finished bracelet. With my dial calipers in hand, I rummaged through the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Success brought me to a jar of  Smucker's strawberry Jam. The perfect diameter and adequate height, but I had to find a new container for the remaining jam. Viola! Rubber Maid to the rescue. My family is getting used to these kind of surprises in the pantry, and don't even ask anymore.

Next, More of The sculpting Process...... (or How to Loose Track of Time)

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Mermaid Bracelet Clear Resin Jewelry Sculpture

New Mermaid Bracelet Clear Resin Jewelry

Is it a Sculpture? Or is it Jewelry? It's both.

This is the 1st design in a new series of cast resin cuff bracelets. I think she turned out fabulous! I have more mermaid and other sea life bracelet designs on my work bench, and will be blogging about the sculpting process. So come back, for more jewelry design ramblings.

Titled "The Find" Mermaid Sculpture Bracelet, from my "Iridescent Sea Series", this mermaid and her dolphin and fish friends are a 3-dimensional sculpture. Detailed down to tiny scales on both the mermaid's tail and the fish bodies. I sculpted this magical scene in clay, and then used this clay master to create the mold, and finally hand cast the bracelet in crystal clear, tough and durable, urethane resin. There are shimmering hi-lights, here and there, of iridescent blue, aqua, and golden violet.

Available for sale here: New Mermaid Sculpture Clear Resin Bracelet

Friday, March 13, 2009

Morpho Godarti Butterfly Resin Ring

Outside my studio, Night Sky Jewelry, the snow is falling, but I am warm and toasty inside, playing with resin. I just made another new resin butterfly ring. This one is a blue Morpho Godarti butterfly and it has just a bit different body, than the last one. I took some photos of this ring today, with the over cast sky. I will try again when it's lighter outside, and see if I can photograph more of the iridescent color.
The clear resin band disappears on your finger. This 3-D resin butterfly looks he's just lit on you hand for a visit.
Blue Morpho Godarti Butterfly Resin Ring Blue Morpho Godarti Butterfly Resin Ring Blue Morpho Godarti Butterfly Resin Ring

Clicking on the pictures with take you to my web page with the full description.
Note: No real butterflies are ever used in my jewelry.